C. Car Improvement


The electronics are built around a central micro-controller which steers and controls all inlets and outlets. Hence, the micro-controller constitutes the heart of the climate control cabinet. The software and hardware especially developed for the climate control cabinet make it possible to guarantee a smooth functioning. As a result of the extensive control at the inlets and outlets, the electronics are able to signal failures before these can even be noticed in practice. With its sophisticated electronics C. Car Improvement is ahead of the developments with regard to certification.

The existing electronics include a coupling for an expansion for an extra printed circuit board (expansion circuit) and additional GSM Modem. These are custom-made. The technique has already been developed.

  • The battery charger can be set to the type of battery via de COM port
  • The dresser temperature and hysteresis can be set via the COM port
  • The logbook can be retrieved via the COM port
  • Temperature sensor on the second battery to thus optimise the battery charging in summer and winter and to minimise maintenance
  • Battery test checks the battery capacity during the loading and discharging
  • With connection at 220 Volt sound signal when starting the car
  • Internal ventilator for homogenous air distribution
  • External ventilator with variable number of revolutions is controlled by the printed circuit board electronics


Electronics Display Climat Controlled Cabinet